SEO or Beef Bourguignon?

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Remember the scene in Julie and Julia in which Amy Adams falls asleep and allows her attempt at Julia Child’s beef bourguignon to burn after spending several hours preparing it?

That scene came to mind after a recent trip by me and my husband to a pricey restaurant for our anniversary. We both had the best dinners we’d experienced in a really long time. Although the ingredients were ones we’d cooked with many times – steak, salmon, potatoes and vegetables – the seasoning and preparation made these plates stand out from anything we’ve ever made at home.

That movie scene and our own dinner experience reminded me why our clients pay us to manage their SEO programs rather than do the work themselves.  Although there is a tremendous amount of information online about what’s involved with SEO, just knowing the ingredients isn’t enough to ensure success.

There’s a lot of “a little pinch of this and a pinch of that,” “sauté this” and “simmer that” – like preparing a complicated recipe – that goes into developing and managing an SEO program.

And, like Julie’s burnt beef bourguignon, it’s easy to find yourself in the situation of having invested a tremendous amount of time in working on your website’s SEO only to find out later that you inadvertently did something very, very wrong that’s having a pretty big impact on your site’s performance.

SEO becomes even more complicated than cooking a laborious dinner in that the rules for SEO constantly change. Being successful in earning and maintaining high search engine positioning requires staying on top of the ever-changing requirements of Google. What worked a few years ago could get you penalized today – do you have the time to stay on top of these constant new developments? Do you know whether the information you read in a book or on the Internet is even current?

And, speaking of time, it’s common for us to work with clients who thought they could manage their own SEO AND do their day job, only to find out that SEO, unlike the 7 hours required to prepare beef bourguignon, is more than a “knock-it-out-and-it’s-done” exercise.

If I want a delicious beef bourguignon, I’ll plan to go to a local restaurant that prepares it. If you want successful SEO, you should come to us.

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