Slideshare leverages existing resources to boost SEO effort

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A Pilot Fish tip of the hat goes to Acme Wire Products Co., a long-time client that posted its first optimized presentation this week.

SlideShare provides a nifty website that allows users to post PowerPoints and PDFs for the entire world to view. But the site isn’t just a great place to curate your company’s business presentations.

SlideShare, which allows users to incorporate links from their presentations back to their own websites, is also a great place to get the backlinks that Google and other search engines use as part of their determination of how to rank websites.

Acme Wire Products’ slideshow, which features the initial design and engineering steps the custom wire fabricator takes as it prepares a new project for production, illustrates the best way to take full advantage of the benefits SlideShare offers. The presentation includes:

  • Important search terms throughout the text;
  • Links back to key sections of Acme Wire Products’ website;
  • A clear call to action, directing viewers to contact Acme Wire for more details.

A nice bonus: The images and information are part of the existing digital factory tour on Acme Wire Products’ website, allowing the company to leverage work that’s already been completed.

In the coming months, Acme Wire Products will repurpose additional tour images to further highlight its custom wire fabrication expertise – and to gain more links back to its website.

Slideshare presentations are just one element of a comprehensive search engine optimization program. Fill out this form or contact John Inama at 877-799-9994 ext. 2104 to learn more.

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