Small steps can turn your SEO strategy into a success

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Finding it difficult to make time for your website? Is it hard to justify spending resources on developing a viable SEO strategy when there are so many other pressing tasks?

Well, if our client base is any indication, you’re not alone: Roughly four out of five Pilot Fish customers do nothing with their websites.

Even our monthly e-mails – complete with simple ideas to implement each client’s SEO strategy – don’t move most of these companies. And neither do the monthly invoices.

You’re familiar with the daily challenges and difficulties these companies face; your own story is probably very similar.

But let’s consider the story of the one of out five clients who does find a way to implement an effective SEO strategy for its corporate website.

Actually, two customers stand out: One company does consulting; the other is a manufacturer. They serve completely different markets in completely different capacities, but they share a few things in common. Both companies:

  • Are relatively small, run on tight budgets with a very flat staffing structure.
  • Face challenges with websites that weren’t built in an SEO-friendly manner.
  • Have a staff member who decided to improve his employer’s website as an avenue to gain more business.
  • Agreed to hire a professional SEO firm to develop an SEO strategy to achieve that goal.

Both staff members have other duties they have to fulfill while working on their websites; neither has a lot of time to devote to the effort.

But we worked with both clients to develop an SEO strategy that would achieve their goals without consuming hours of time that need to be devoted to other priorities.

Ironically, in the case of the consultant, we performed the optimization work, which the staff member only had to review and approve. The manufacturer, on the other hand, wanted us to consult with them and create a plan that they could achieve in reasonable increments, which Pilot Fish then reviews and provides feedback on for the next step.

The consultant has already seen an increase in leads from the site, one of which turned into a substantial piece of business.

The manufacturer, which sells several thousand dollars of product online each month without any SEO, is excited about the positive changes in its website and expects a material increase in online sales as a result.

These companies are a lot like yours; these staff members are a lot like you. If they can implement an SEO strategy to improve their bottom line, so can you. And we can help.

Below are links to a few blog posts to help put you in the right mindset. When you’re done reading, make sure to contact us for help in creating and achieving an effective SEO strategy for your corporate website.

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