Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s website.

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 Admit it.

Who? What? Me??


 Yeah, you. Admit it …


Okay, maybe not out loud, but admit it to yourself that you are envious of some of your competitors’ websites. After all, admitting it is the first step toward doing something about it and transforming your own website into the one you’ve always wanted … and, even better, building a website that surpasses the quality and successes of your competitors’ sites.

 *mumble, mumble* *inaudible*

Yeah, it will take some work, but trust me; the end result will be worth your efforts.

So, what is it exactly that is so great about some of those other websites? Perhaps it’s the site as a whole, or, perhaps it’s some of the isolated elements or capabilities of the site that you like so well. Or, maybe you’re not quite sure.

If you’re having trouble putting your finger on exactly what makes some of the other sites so exceptional, let me see if I can help you figure it out.

Here are some of the things that you could be envious of:

Design and Layout
When you visit your competitor’s site, does it have that “WOW” factor? Do all of the design elements seem to be balanced just perfectly in color and size? Is the photography breathtaking, portraying powerful message about the company? Does the hierarchy of the elements on the page lead your eye around in an intuitive and natural way? Are you quickly drawn in and compelled to visiting more of the site? Or, even worse, are you so impressed with the website that you find yourself secretly buying products or services from your competitors? (Hehe. Just kidding.)

Does your competitor’s site have sophisticated animations? Buttons and images that fade in and fade out that are engaging to the user, but not overwhelming? Or, perhaps a competitor’s site has the type of e-commerce site that you’d looooove to have?  Oooh, and what about those interactive maps that complement the site’s geographical information so well?  Or, even worse, have you noticed that other companies have beaten you to the punch and their sites are rendering perfectly on any device, whether viewing from a desktop, laptop, notebook, or mobile device while yours does not? (Show-offs!)

When you visit your competitor’s site, do you know the exact message the company is trying to portray? Is the content compelling and engaging so much that you want to keep reading? Is all of the information on the site organized and easy to find … within seconds? Do you notice that the content is updated regularly? Are you embarrassed to say that you keep sneaking into your competitor’s sites when no one else is looking just to see what they are going to write next? (Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me.)

SEO Rankings
Plain and simple. Maybe your envy comes from the fact that your competitors are ranking higher on Google or other major search engines. (How did they doooo that?)

Or, maybe it’s all of the above.

Well, now that you might have a better idea of your source of envy, perhaps it’s time to do something about it. It’s time to get started, with the help of some professionals, on developing a website you can be proud of, and, one that will leave your competitors green with envy!

See? That wasn’t so bad, was it?

Awww, you’re joking, right?

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